Photo 30 Jun 3 notes More fighter planes!

More fighter planes!

Photo 27 Jun 3 notes Old fighter plane doodle.

Old fighter plane doodle.

Photo 9 Jun 4 notes If I was a Pokemon.

If I was a Pokemon.

Video 22 May 5 notes

Some sketch book paintings. 

Video 20 May

I put together my animations for the android and ios game, Clobbr check out the game if you’d like! 

Photo 18 May 3 notes Gouache is unforgiving.

Gouache is unforgiving.

Photo 17 May 1 note Monster!


Video 1 May 1 note

When we get this baby up to 88 mph, you’re going to see some serious shit.

Photo 1 May 2 notes Ink blobs!

Ink blobs!

Photo 1 May 7 notes Planes are kind of fun!

Planes are kind of fun!

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